As Mizzou continues to discuss ways it will absorb budget reductions in FY17 and beyond, these pages will serve as a repository of information, including communications from the chancellor, budget documents and more.


Budget actions
July 28, 2017

Expenditure Reductions (UM President Mun Choi)
July 21, 2017

Budget Forums
Mizzou’s senior leadership team engaged our community in dialogue about budget priorities and strategies.


Budget Plans
Finalized budget plans for FY18

FY17 Axioms and Guiding Principles
These directives and guidelines will help define priorities in our budget decision-making process.

These committees have been established to aid in decision-making related to key areas.

Review Processes
Processes have been drafted to guide work in several pre-identified areas.

Suggestions on how to address budget-related issues are always welcome

Numbers and data 

Frequently asked questions
Answers to commonly asked budget questions