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    Inside Mizzou Extra: Show Me Research & Creative Works

    April 16, 2019 We are thrilled to bring you even more stories from our extraordinary community. Introducing a new, bonus storytelling feature of Inside Mizzou called, “Inside Mizzou extra.” Students, faculty, staff and alumni will tell you the stories and relive the experiences that make our university a leader in academics, athletics, service and so […]

  • Humanities, Fine Arts, Agriculture, Science

    Inside Mizzou: Show Me Research & Creative Works

    To hear even more stories on research and creative works from our extraordinary students, listen to this bonus storytelling feature called “Inside Mizzou extra.”  Five students working on projects across the arts, humanities and science give us a window into their hands-on pursuits. Listen now April 16, 2019 Our students have always been bold risk […]