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  • Memorial Union at sunset.

    Spring 2017 General Faculty Meeting

    Chancellor Hank Foley, Vice President of Finance Rhonda Gibler and Faculty Council Chair Ben Trachtenberg discuss: Faculty Council Report Budget Conversation

  • Hank Foley

    New committees announced to help guide Mizzou’s future

    During the past few weeks, you have received communications from me regarding the significant budget challenges facing the university. As we work to address these issues, it is also imperative to look at our ongoing strategies for addressing our finance capital projects and resource allocation.

  • Hank Foley

    Our budget guiding principles

    Earlier this week, I shared with you the axioms that will guide our budget decisions going forward. We have developed guiding principles that will be used to determine the financial contributions for each college or division.

  • Hank Foley

    Budget Progress

    I am writing to update you on the progress we have made to date regarding our plans for addressing our budget shortfall this year and anticipated revenue reductions next year.