Thank you to MU faculty, staff, students and supporters who shared their thoughts in shaping the living document that is our strategic plan.

As you know, MU and the other three universities within the University of Missouri System were asked to demonstrate our impact on the state through an accelerated planning process. Specifically, we were tasked with developing goals and strategies around the five Missouri compacts:

  • Excellence in Student Success
  • Excellence in Research and Creative Works
  • Excellence in Engagement and Outreach
  • Inclusive Excellence
  • Excellence in Planning, Operations and Stewardship

The UM System Board of Curators reviewed and approved all strategic plans Sept. 20. Now, the real work begins.

Read the strategic plan here

To help convert our plan into action, Provost Ramchand will convene a steering committee to draft the next steps towards implementation. This group will engage in discussions with every subgroup that developed the five compacts and create metrics, action items and a timeline to track progress of the plan. The metrics and timeline will balance the urgency for change with the realities of our budget. We are committed to transparency and accountability by publicly tracking our progress through the implementation of this plan.

Again, this is a living plan that will grow and develop — it may change as circumstances warrant.


  • Spring 2018: A first draft of MU’s response to the UM System compacts was published online, along with an online survey form to collect feedback.
  • May 2018: MU leaders hosted an-person forum to collect additional feedback from the campus community.
  • Summer: 2018: Leaders focused on each compact incorporated the feedback they received and worked with their stakeholder groups.
  • August 2018: A second draft of the plan was published online with another online survey form to collect feedback. UM System leaders contributed feedback during this time as well.
  • September 2018: MU leaders from each compact incorporated changes based on the feedback. The UM Curators reviewed an updated draft with those changes at the September board meeting in Kansas City.
  • October 15, 2018: Provost Ramchand will name the steering committee tasked with identifying the next steps, as outlined above.

Thank you for your continued support.