Plan draft

Like other University of Missouri System campuses, we have been asked to demonstrate our impact on the State through an accelerated planning process focused on compacts. Specifically, we are tasked with developing goals around the five UM System compacts: excellence in student success; research and creative works; engagement and outreach; inclusivity; and planning, operations and stewardship. These plans are expected to include a bold vision with stretch goals for the University.

We have developed, and submitted to the system, a draft of MU’s response to the compacts. This plan incorporates goals from recent planning initiatives on campus as well as some new ideas.

Provide feedback

We are seeking your feedback and ideas before providing the next draft of this plan to the UM System May 4. Your input is valued, and it will not only guide our next draft of this document, but also help us as we move towards a more expansive implementation process for the campus that will start later this year. Whether you respond via the survey or attend the forum, we ask you to help us to further develop this plan as we embrace what it means to be Missouri’s flagship and land-grant university. As the only public university in Missouri to be a member of the Association of American Universities (AAU), our excellence is integral to the state’s educational, cultural and economic growth as well as the social and physical health of its citizens.

Online survey

  • Submit your feedback using this online survey form.
    The survey is now closed to submissions. Thanks to everyone who took the time to offer feedback.

Open forum

The campus community was invited to attend an open forum on the Compacts Tuesday, April 24, 2018. Chancellor Cartwright and Interim Provost Spain were there, along with other campus leaders, to discuss this plan and to get feedback.