Dear members of the Mizzou community,

Chancellor Loftin is traveling back to Columbia and asked us to share the following information with you.

Last night, with the help of the Mizzou family, MUPD identified the person who disrupted the LBC Royalty Court rehearsal and whose behavior and racist remarks made members of our community feel hurt and angry.

The individual has been moved from campus by the Office of Student Conduct, pending the outcome of the conduct process.

The chancellor and MUPD have both asked us to express their appreciation to the Mizzou family for their assistance in identifying this individual and reaching out to the appropriate authorities.  We also want to thank the members of the LBC Royalty Court and others present for supporting each other and immediately reporting this behavior to MUPD.  Because our students were willing to speak with MUPD, the police were able to obtain information critical to identifying the responsible individual.

Racism and all prejudice is heinous, insidious and damaging to Mizzou.  It hurts students’ education and experience including their mental health and academic achievement.  That is why all of us must commit to changing the culture at this university.

We would like to remind students and faculty that the MU Counseling Center is available for crisis/emergency walk-in appointments during business hours and can be reached at 573-882-6601 – this number is answered 24 hours a day.

We are asking every student on our campus to use this week and weekend not only to celebrate and value all of our Homecoming traditions, but also take care of each other and help everyone have a safe and fun celebration.

As Chancellor Loftin noted yesterday, and we want to emphasize, anyone who experiences racial discrimination can file an online report at:
•    Bias Incident Report Form:
•    Student Conduct Incident Report Form:

You also may contact:
•    Assistant Vice Provost Ellen Eardley – 573-882-3880
•    Chief Diversity Officer Noor Azizan-Gardner – 573-882-6282
•    Senior Coordinator of Student Conduct Julie Drury – 573-882-5543
•    Interim Associate Vice Chancellor of Human Resources Jatha Sadowski – 573-882-4859
•    Senior Associate Provost Ken Dean – 573-882-6597

MUPD can be reached at 573-882-7201 or for emergencies 911.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have concerns.


Garnett Stokes, PhD                                                   Cathy Scroggs, PhD
Provost                                                                         Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs