March 16, 2017

Dear faculty, staff and students,

During the past few weeks, you have received communications from me regarding the significant budget challenges facing the university in the foreseeable future. As we work to address these more immediate issues, it also is imperative that we look long term at our ongoing strategies for how we are going to finance capital projects, as well as allocate resources across campus.

Budget planning information

It is my goal that we all share jointly the responsibility for making these recommendations that will have lasting impact on the university. To that end, we have developed two cross-functional committees that will be comprised of faculty, staff and students across campus. Specifically, the Resource Allocation Model Committee will recommend a new resource allocation model for the campus and explore how to make the overall best investments with the constrained financial resources we have, including how to promote transparency and trust in the process, ensure financial responsibility, and enable innovation and rapid response. The Capital Finance Advisory Committee will advise on procedures and plans related to capital financing options, prioritization for a new capital fund allocation and use of existing resources allocated to capital, and screening and prioritization of requests for funds.

Nominations will be made through Faculty Council, Staff Council, Graduate Professional Council and the Missouri Students Association, as well as by a general call for nominees. If you are interested in participating in the general call or nominating a colleague you think is well positioned to serve, please submit an email to no later than 5 p.m. Friday, March 24.

Thank you in advance for your work on behalf of the university

Hank Foley, PhD
Interim Chancellor