Dear colleagues,

I want to thank everyone here at MU for allowing me to lead. Today, I am announcing that I have accepted the position of president at the New York Institute of technology, effective June 1. My last day at Mizzou will be May 3.

My experience here has been the most professionally enriching that I have ever had. This is a wonderful institution with a rich history and set of traditions that reach back to the first half of the nineteenth century. And, yet, if one takes the time to walk around, to meet with and listen to faculty, staff and students, you realize that MU is fully modern and moving steadily into its future!

Since November 2015, together, we have moved our campus forward in many ways. Our students have found ways to engage with one another and to help all new Tigers feel included and at home. We have sought to engage the campus community actively and to share information and data transparently. New faculty have joined us, bringing with them to MU rich programs of research in the sciences and engineering that will stand us in good stead as a top flight research university for decades to come. New leaders at all levels, deans and vice chancellors, have come to MU with new ideas and energy that will propel us forward. In athletics our coaches, new and seasoned, and the new, but seasoned, athletic director are poised for success, so that MU will not just be in the SEC, but will win in the SEC. The health care system, especially the hospital and the medical school, are on a new path that will integrate the two together more than ever and with the other academic colleges on the campus as well. Columbia has the real opportunity to be a destination medical community in the foreseeable future. The spirit of true Interdisciplinarity abounds at MU and sets the school apart.

Karin and I will miss MU, and Columbia, but we will cherish our memories of our time here. We hope to get back to see some national championships won and for more success to come to Ole Mizzou. I started with a thank you, and I end in the same way; thank you!